Tucker Carlson gets the nod for Fox News’ coveted 9 pm spot.

While the big 3 networks are still smarting over Hillary’s epic loss on Nov. 8th and attacking Trump’s every thought and facial expression, Fox News is building on it’s powerhouse ratings by adding pro truth, pro fact, and yes pro Trump personalities to their lineup.

The genius of Murdoch lies in his ability to listen to what people want and provide it to them, hence the success of Fox News. He may very well be the biggest open borders, pro immigration liberal in town and support every relevant cause with his own money, but he doesn’t mix his personal life with his day job – a business model that CBSNBCABC should consider adopting.

Tucker Carlson, a level headed, non vindictive, charming, intelligent, human version of Megyn Kelly, will find himself right between the two personalities who are largely responsible for The Kelly File’s success, Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity. I don’t think Carlson will need his bare legs and feet exposed to attract viewers, so it looks like the glass desk will be replaced as well. It’s a time slot that almost guarantees success, so the pressure is on. I’m sure that Fox has 100% confidence in Tucker’s ability to broaden its reach even further – without making himself the object of the news he reports on. Stay Grounded Tucker.

Although Kelly managed to shed many of her viewers- as of late and by her own volition,  she got a tremendous lift off at the onset by airing in the wake of the perpetually #1 O’Reilly Factor and by catching an already established Hannity audience tuning in early for his 10 pm show. She also owes a debt of gratitude to the man who gave her the opportunity, Roger Ailes. So how did she repay them?

In an interview with Stephen Colbert, Megyn Kelly had an interesting response top a question about about O’Reilly and Hannity taping their evening shows earlier in the day. When Colbert jokingly said that Kelly was working hard every night live and those guys were just “phoning it in,” her response was:  “Let’s just say they tape earlier in the day which is an advantage to us.” The comment landed a bit awkwardly with the crowd at the Ed Sullivan Theater, to which Colbert simply said, “All right, wow, OK” before quickly changing the subject.

Megyn Kelly once said that while Bill O’Reilly has the #1 show in cable news, “I have the #1 news show in cable news.” Really?… Grow up . Kelly even managed to get into a public clash with Sean Hannity, arguably one of the nicest and most well mannered people in the entire industry when she said this, referring to Donald Trump: “With all due respect to my friend at 10 o’clock, he will go on Hannity and pretty much only Hannity and will not venture out to the unsafe spaces these days,”

This self described feminists also piled on to help in the take down Roger Ailes whom she affectionately referred to previously as her mentor and a great boss. Roger Ailes made more women wealthy and famous in the news business than any other man, or woman that I can think of, yet he was legally attacked by one of them, which then led to several others joining in. Is this what they call feminism these days?  Apparently the guy (who made them wealthy and famous for dressing up like Go Go dancers to report news) also liked to engage in a little underwear conversation – oh the humanity of it all. Has there been an accusation of a quid pro quo or career endangerment in any of those claims? I have not heard any but I welcome corrections on the matter. From the outside, it looks like they all went along with playing ‘dress up’ and had no problem moving up the corporate ladder while doing so. Hey, it worked for Robert Palmer… right? Please don’t tell me he got sued also.


In this passage from her memoir, Megyn Kelly reveals the torture she was subjected to at Fox. WARNING:  it’s not for the faint of heart: “Roger began pushing the limits. There was a pattern to his behavior. I would be called into Roger’s office, he would shut the door, and over the next hour or two, he would engage in a kind of cat-and-mouse game with me — veering between obviously inappropriate sexually charged comments (e.g. about the ‘very sexy bras’ I must have and how he’d like to see me in them) and legitimate professional advice.”  Imagine going through all that horrendous torture for a measly $15 million per year and prime time cable news show?

It would appear on the surface that Megyn has more school marm in her than cutting edge feminist,… or maybe not. Here’s an excerpt from an interview Kelly did with Howard Stern:  In a 2010 interview, the Fox News star laughed with glee as Stern talked about her breasts. “We used to call them ‘Killer B’s’ then when I got pregnant they became ‘Swimmin’ C’s’ and Doug was frolicking in the ocean,” Kelly said of her husband, author Douglas Brunt. Stern asked whether she would have considered not marrying Brunt if his penis had been small. “I reject the hypotheticals. There’s no issues there,” Kelly said, laughing. “I’ve never had to choose. Let’s put it that way.” She also talked about having sex with Brunt even while she was pregnant – into the third trimester. http://www.newsmax.com/Headline/megyn-kelly-howard-stern-sex-talk-donald-trump/2015/08/09/id/669255/

Then there was this little feminist “news” thing she did for GQ magazine:

photo credit GQ



There was however, that redeeming moment when Megyn Kelly unleashed her true ‘inner feminist.’ It happened during a speech designed to inspire women at a THR to promote her book. When Kelly got to the part about “actions being louder than words,” she said THIS about strong “actions”, referring to Hillary Clinton: “A female presidential candidate, pushing 70 who runs for office without first getting a face lift…right?” No details on whether or not Hillary ditched her bra during the campaign.



There’s a praying mantis already measuring your offices for curtains and sizing up your sets for the proper sized glass desk.

P.S. Did meet the press ever have a female host?


* Below is a copy of Tweet I posted on January 3rd, 2017, they got the 1st half right. 🙂

@FoxNews Give @TuckerCarlson the 9pm slot following @oreillyfactor and give @ericbolling the 7pm hour……….

— Truth Has No Bias (@aliotta_joe) January 3, 2017 11:33 am

Good luck Tucker I’m glad you’re on at 9:00, I’m usually not available for the 7:00 show. I was pulling for you.