Dear GOP;
I gave you incompetent, petulant, feckless characters a majority in both houses of congress AND the White House.
You have been disappointing your constituents ever since Reagan’s last day in the Oval Office by failing to deliver on your empty promises, compromising your ‘principles’ and constantly caving in to your democrat colleagues.
You have been whining and moaning throughout the last 8 years about Obama and his policies, while giving him all the congressional tools he needed to walk all over you and the people you purport to represent.
So here we are, time to actually lead and use the powers that have been rightly granted to you by the great people of this country and by the constitution itself – and you can’t even come together and agree on a plan to repeal the worst and most dangerous bill  since ink met paper- all 2700 pages of it.
I am skeptical about the entire GOP agenda if the biggest “no-brainer” of it all can not bring you all together to actually achieve something besides your Master’s degrees in obstructing and complaining. What about infrastructure, immigration, terrorism and tax reform? In fact, let me correct myself, I am not skeptical, I am 100% confident that you will never have the capacity to agree on a leading agenda, or have the balls to move your “so called” conservatism and convictions out of ‘paper trading’ mode and into the real world of risk , reward and consequences.
I did not put my extremely successful, happy and content life through this political wringer for money, fame, downgrade in living quarters or the salary reduction- I came here to fix the backwards, ineffectual, self-fulfilling and self-preserving corruption machine commonly referred to as Washington DC., and to restore the faith, security and prosperity of the American citizen.
Special note to the extreme conservative wing of the GOP:
Don’t think for one second that, in your stubbornness and and grandstanding, I will not develop a caucus with the moderate wing of our party coupled with the moderate wing of the Democrat party and CUT YOU OUT COMPLETELY in order to move forward with an agenda that benefits ALL Americans.
Same goes to those of you in the extreme left wing of the Democrat party, It’s probably long overdue for a congressional evolution – nature has always had a way of correcting itself by eliminating excesses through storms, volcanic eruptions, floods, plagues and yes… elections!
Congressional approval is at or below 20% and although shameful, completely understandable.
Adaptation or extinction?  Your choice, make it!
Sincerely yours,