What you are witnessing are the reactions of a toddler who has never heard the word ‘NO’ before. We’ve all known this type at one point or another in our lives, and we all know how it turns out when they don’t get what they want. Well, Obama didn’t get the new ‘West Wing’ video game for Christmas, and he wants to see to it that nobody else does either. As he prepares to exit stage left, he’s attempting to keep Trump and the GOP tangled up with issues involving foreign and domestic policy.

Basically, he’s leaving, taking his ball with him and he’s licking all the doughnuts as he runs out of the gym so nobody else can enjoy them.


Kremlin responds to Obama’s sanctions and removal of Russian Diplomats:  Putin mocks Obama over sanctions as he invites U.S. diplomats’ kids to the Kremlin instead of expelling their parents.

Although we have the right to retaliate, we will not resort to irresponsible ‘kitchen’ diplomacy but will plan our further steps to restore Russian-US relations based on the policies of the Trump Administration.”

It’s interesting to note, no one has ever talked to Obama like this and he doesn’t know how to handle it. He never owned, ran or governed anything  in the past, nor did he have to work for  somebody who did. Barack Obama is the epitome of what they accused Trump of being, a think skinned man who could walk us right into a world war because of his hurt feelings.

*More on this later, first some background perspective.


Seemingly born at age 17, just in time for an Ivy League education, Obama was already anxious to take what was duly his. A simple Google search for “records of Obama’s youth” yields very little, and includes headlines like ” youth vote in the 2008 election.”  Although Obama initially surfaced at Occidental College, he soon transferred to Columbia University to build his Ivy League resume. Tuition at Occidental including room and board is currently running at about $65,000.00, and Columbia is about $71,000.00 – not too shabby for for a poor kid who was educated in Indonesia and was living with his single mom who was doing field work as an anthropologist there.  Who paid for it, isn’t anyone curious?

I don’t have much to report on Obama’s early years, the only references to Obama’s high school years involve some sort of pot smoking, “Choom Gang,” a reference which Obama himself has corroborated – admission to Occidental and Columbia was quite a leap from the choom gang days. Most of Obama’s childhood remains a well guarded mystery- not many mentions or photos of friends or past girlfriends from his early years right on up to his college days. If anyone has any memorabilia that I missed please feel free to forward it along.


After 4 years of what many people think was a ‘mostly, if not entirely free’ education from 2 of the finest colleges in the U.S., Harvard U was in the natural order of progression for Barack Obama’s post graduate study. It’s difficult to make any accurate statements one way or another regarding tuition, enrollment, grades or anything else for that matter when it comes to Obama’s college years as all records are sealed and off limits to anyone who has inquired.  Young Barack even went on to become the first black President of the Harvard Law Review.

According to a 1990 NY Times piece, here’s what  that usually portends: “A President’s Future.  The president of the law review usually goes on to serve as a clerk for a judge on the Federal Court of Appeals for a year, and then as a clerk for an associate justice of the Supreme Court.”  Obama had other plans, his desire was to return to corruption central and build on his community organizing skills. “Mr. Obama said he planned to spend two or three years in private law practice and then return to Chicago to re-enter community work, either in politics or in local organizing.” http://www.nytimes.com/1990/02/06/us/first-black-elected-to-head-harvard-s-law-review.html

Who the hell wants to clerk for a federal judge when you can shake down Citibank and force them to make bad loans through organized community intimidation –  pfft – not even a close call!  Via The Daily Caller: “President Barack Obama was a pioneering contributor to the national subprime real estate bubble, and roughly half of the 186 African-American clients in his landmark 1995 mortgage discrimination lawsuit against Citibank have since gone bankrupt or received foreclosure notices. 

As few as 19 of those 186 clients still own homes with clean credit ratings, following a decade in which Obama and other progressives pushed banks to provide mortgages to poor African Americans.” http://dailycaller.com/2012/09/03/with-landmark-lawsuit-barack-obama-pushed-banks-to-give-subprime-loans-to-chicagos-african-americans/   Nice work!



Obama was sworn in as an Illinois state Senator in 1997, but he had lots of help here too. Let’s take a look at how Obama was socially promoted to state Senator following the 1996 election process. (Hint: If there is no one running against you, odds of winning get much better.)

According to Jay Stone’s website:

“The Chicago Board of Elections’ Biased Decisions Eliminated Barack Obama’s Four Opponents for State Senate”

“Political pundits often joke about Chicago corruption: “Vote early, vote often.” “Chicago is where the dead resurface to vote.” The Chicago machine has controlled the Chicago Board of Elections (CBOE) since the early 1990s. To insure that Cook County Circuit Court judges would receive favorable treatment from the CBOE when they ran for office, local judges appointed a corruptible, third generation Chicago machine politician named Langdon Neal to head the CBOE. Neal is infamous because his law firm received $101 million in no-bid government contracts from the same politicians whose elections he conducted and certified.

[Chicago] Machine candidates have an unimpeded path to public offices because they often run unopposed–like Barack Obama did when he won his first election in 1996.

The machine’s henchmen working at the CBOE showed Barack Obama’s four 1996 state senate opponents no mercy. The CBOE ruled that 62% of the signatures that these opponents submitted with their nominating petitions were invalid. Two of Obama’s state senate challengers were so outraged, they filed federal court lawsuits. However, the two Obama opponents who sued could not present the evidence nor make the arguments below because in 1996 ballot access information wasn’t readily available on the Internet.” Read more herehttp://stoneformayor.com/obamas-strategy-to-win-at-all-costs-violated-his-challengers-civil-rights/

Funny how there are no problems on Jay Stone’s entire website EXCEPT for the page pertaining to Obama’s senate run, I got this warning at the top of the page referenced above:  *Warning: file_get_contents() [function.file-get-contents]: php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known in /home3/drjay134/public_html/wp-content/plugins/statsurfer/append.php on line 314*   Hmm, does somebody not want people reading that page?


So how did this magnificently educated young man conduct himself as a state Senator you might ask, let’s take a look at what Mother Jones had to say in 2007:

“Present” but Unaccountable: Senator Obama’s Illinois Voting Record

“Yesterday, the NY Times discussed Senator Obama’s penchant for using a quirk of the Illinois Statehouse to sidestep contentious issues that might jeopardize his reelection chances. Or, it’s simply a device that allows legislators there to voice legitimate concerns with a bill without voting either for or against it. You decide. It’s called voting “present,” as opposed to yea or nay, and it’s pretty confusing to figure out. Is it a dirty trick or a proof that he’s a smart cookie who simply knows how to be an effective politician?

In 1999, Barack Obama was faced with a difficult vote in the Illinois legislature — to support a bill that would let some juveniles be tried as adults, a position that risked drawing fire from African-Americans, or to oppose it, possibly undermining his image as a tough-on-crime moderate.

In the end, Mr. Obama chose neither to vote for nor against the bill. He voted “present,” effectively sidestepping the issue, an option he invoked nearly 130 times as a state senator. http://www.motherjones.com/mojo/2007/12/present-unaccountable-senator-obamas-illinois-voting-record


Obama learned two things early on:  win at all cost and avoid any possible responsibility or accountability by applying that same method. Evidence of this can be observed by looking at the over all state of the Democrat party following the election AND reelection of Barack Obama. The party is arguably in its worst condition since its founding and Barack Obama, the party’s outspoken leader acts as if this all happened while he was busy feeding the world and healing the planet.

Nothing can explain this more clearly than clip below. Tommy Boy rips the door off of the car, barely puts it back together and then Blames Richard when he opens the door and it falls apart. This is classic Obama. “What’d you do?!?!”


Michael Savage once said of Obama, ” He reminds me of a kid who takes apart his grandfather’s watch and then just leaves it when he realizes he can’t put it back together.” I’ll never forget that.



Obama, once again had help here. In the 2004 campaign for the U.S. Senate, Obama, through his political and media cronies, was able to smear his opponent by having old divorce and child custody documents released to the press and made public, EVEN THOUGH HIS OPPONENT AND TEH OPPONENT’S EX WIFE DIRECTLY REQUESTED THEY “NOT BE RELEASED”.

According to Wikipedia:

As the campaign progressed, the lawsuit brought by the Chicago Tribune to open child custody files from Ryan’s divorce was still continuing. Barack Obama’s backers emailed reporters about the divorce controversy, but refrained from on-the-record commentary.[21] On March 29, 2004, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert Schnider ruled that several of the Ryans’ divorce records should be opened to the public, and ruled that a court-appointed referee would later decide which custody files should remain sealed to protect the interests of Ryan’s young child.[22] A few days later, on April 2, 2004, Barack Obama changed his position about the Ryans’ soon-to-be-released divorce records, and called on Democrats to not inject them into the campaign.[21]   

On June 22, 2004, after receiving the report from the court-appointed referee, the judge released the files that were deemed consistent with the interests of Ryan’s young child. In those files, Jeri Ryan alleged that Jack Ryan had taken her to sex clubs in several cities, intending for them to have sex in public.[23][24] The decision to release the files generated much controversy because it went against both parents’ direct request, and because it reversed the earlier decision to seal the papers in the best interest of the child. Jim Oberweis, Ryan’s defeated GOP opponent, commented that “these are allegations made in a divorce hearing, and we all know people tend to say things that aren’t necessarily true in divorce proceedings when there is money involved and custody of children involved.”[23]  

In the interest of not boring you, we can now move on from Obama’s previous career. We all know he served about 4 minutes as a U.S. Senator and then embarked on a campaign to run for President of the United States. All it really took was a fancy speech at the democrat convention and a good crease in his pant leg before assuming his position in the Oval Office – Oh, and there was that Hillary obstacle also, which he negotiated rather easily with more help from the media and high profile new fans like Ted Kennedy.



Via The Daily Mail: “Putin mocks Obama over sanctions as he invites U.S. diplomats’ kids to the Kremlin instead of expelling their parents – and his aides scorn ‘angry and shallow brained’ political ‘corpse'” 

“Russians say they had nothing to do with alleged hacks – and Putin’s officials lined up to mock ‘political corpse’ of the Obama administration” 

In Obama’s 8 year tenure as POTUS, only two prominent leaders have openly challenged him in an aggressive and public manner –  Vladimir Putin and Benjamin Netanyahu – all others, including U.S. politicians have placated him. Many who tried to challenge Obama in the past were labeled as racist for attacking the first black president, or just too partisan to be taken seriously. Putin is not buying that routine and has no problem voicing his praise or discontent when it comes to Obama, Putin did not attend PC school… he doesn’t even know what know what it is.


President Obama was certain that Donald Trump would lose to Hillary Clinton, so certain in fact,  that he put his own reputation at stake when campaigning for her. Being so loved, adored and worshiped by the American people, who else would he turn to for assistance in protecting his legacy when so much was at stake regarding their very existence, but those very adoring folks themselves?

When word got out that Donald Trump was gaining support from the black community, panic began to set in at Hillary headquarters and at the White House, action was required and post haste. Obama took to the mic to speak about blacks, to the congressional black caucus about black issues with a black slang accent while wearing a black suit after arriving in a black car. Okay, just kidding about the black suit, I think it was blue.

After spending a good amount of time trying to frighten African Americans into voting for Hillary, using everything in his quiver from slavery to voter suppression he closed with THIS: 

“I Will Consider It An Insult To My Legacy If You Do Not Vote; Want to Give Me A Good Send Off? Go Vote”

So, after thinking the election was a joke, Hillary history was already written and Donald Trump would go down in a massive fireball, he resorted to scare tactics with the African American community – the very folks he let down the most.

“My name may not be on the ballot, but our progress is on the ballot,” President Obama said Saturday night. “And there is one candidate who will advance those things. And there is another candidate who’s defining principal, the central theme of his candidacy is opposition to all that we have done.” http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2016/09/17/obama_i_will_consider_it_an_insult_to_my_legacy_if_you_do_not_vote_want_to_give_me_a_good_send_off_go_vote.html

On November 8th, Obama was not only told NO for the first time, it was told to him by the very people who believed in him and turned out in huge numbers to help elect him twice, his people, the African American people. Then there were the blue collar Americans, of all colors,  who had voted democrat all their lives – right up until 2016.

Barack Obama couldn’t get Trump off the ballot with the help of the CBOE  and those old electoral tricks, his media friends tried everything from old divorce documents, (unsuccessful, as many as there were in Trump’s case)  Access Hollywood videos, tax return leaks, KKK affiliation, and all the isms you could think of, all to no avail.  This one was the real deal, a chance for Obama to prove that he can ride his bike without the training wheels, a chance to wield his political power, a chance to pass the torch to Hillary and a chance to save Michelle’s vegetable garden from a guy would would likely tear it down and build tiny condos where her earthly bounty once inhabited the land… He Failed, and he can’t deal with the rejection


This devastating force of rejection on Nov. 8th has caused Obama to emotionally unravel and reveal his true nature. President Obama has always treated Israel with contempt but it was a veiled show of contempt – ( you know like , “I thought Bibi liked sitting alone in a conference room for an hour while I ate dinner with my wife and kids) – the recent abstention from voting on the latest anti Israel U.N. resolution is a glaring example of letting his hair down. Not only was the veto power taken off the table, there wasn’t even a NO vote to at least make it look like he cared one bit about Israel’s survival – After all, he did help craft the resolution and he’s an expert in the art of the “present” vote. Also, what would this league of corrupt nations think of Obama if he voted against the very resolution he crafted and fought to have introduced?

The Telegraph , 2010:

“Benjamin Netanyahu was left to stew in a White House meeting room for over an hour after President Barack Obama abruptly walked out of tense talks to have supper with his family, it emerged on Thursday.”

Putin recently dealt a solid blow to Obama by helping Syria defeat insurgent terrorists and successfully initiating a cease fire in Aleppo with the help of Turkey and the explicit condition that neither the U.N., Obama nor Kerry interrupt the men while they were working. Obama once drew a red line with his crayon in a coloring book, but that was about the extent of his contribution – aside from actually giving munitions to the wrong people in the conflict,… but I digress. John McCain will still be there in the Senate to arm terrorists and instigate a world war with Russia, hopefully that will be enough of a consolation prize.

The panic has run so deep that George Soros, who spends his life in the dark, dismal shadows of political corruption has recently vomited  some incoherent opinions on the Trump situation. Billionaire globalist George Soros has penned a panicked rant in which he decries President-elect Donald Trump as a “would be dictator” who threatens the future of the new world order.

Okay, so the serpent who has built a reputation as a destroyer of nations is worried about Trump. Why, is he afraid Trump will expose him like a bed sheet stained with urine, hung in the front yard for all to see? I understand the panic Soros is feeling, much like with Obama the outcome was always predetermined and virtually guaranteed – the difference between the two is that one was the puppet and the other the puppeteer. It’s very rare to see  either of them in a visible panic, but it’s looking like a 2 for 1 special this year.

It will be interesting to see how deep the panic runs and how much more damage will be inflicted. Obama still has 3 full weeks left before the adults get home, should be interesting.


One last thought: There is still ZERO concrete evidence that Russia was even involved in any election hacking at all. Before the latest round of  Russian accusations, Dec. 13th Obama said THIS:

 “Russia Did Not Hack Our Elections”

“We were frankly more concerned in the run up to the election to the possibilities of vote tampering, which we did not see evidence of,” he admitted. “And we’re confident that we can guard against.”

and THIS: “What’s happened to our political system where some emails that were hacked and released ended up being the overwhelming story, and the constant source of coverage – breathless coverage – that was depicted as somehow damning in all sorts of ways when the truth of the matter was it was fairly routine stuff?” he said.  http://www.anonews.co/obama-russia-hack/

Kinda makes you wonder



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