Obama will always tell you exactly what he’s doing, you just have to decipher the code. For general purposes, the exact opposite of what he says is a good starting point, but there is a much more sophisticated code for complex issues which I will explain in further detail. Let’s start with the basics.


For example, Obama on Nov. 9th said this: “The presidency and the vice presidency is bigger than any of us, we are all rooting for his success in uniting and leading the country.” Anybody with at least 1 brain cell and heart rate of at least 2 bpm, knows full well that Obama would rather have all of his fingernails pulled out on live television than to see Trump in the the White House.  This is an example of the basic “opposite” theory used to understand Obama’s true intentions.

Additional codes may be more difficult for the layman to decipher, an example is the ‘disguised innuendo’ code. After promising a smooth transition and praising his predecessor G.W. Bush for the courtesy of such, Obama said this, about democracy: “isn’t always inspiring … but you have to stay encouraged.” So democracy is only inspiring when a democrat says so, but not when Donald Trumps becomes the President-elect – see what he did there? Wrong guy won, but we should suffer through the years with encouragement.

It didn’t take long during that ‘smooth transition’, to portray Trump as an accomplice of Vladimir Putin and the Russian hacking syndicate, who of course, were the sole reason for Hillary’s electoral melt down, and the global embarrassment for President Barack Obama. Keep in mind, Obama said this on or about Dec. 13th : “We were frankly more concerned in the run up to the election to the possibilities of vote tampering, which we did not see evidence of. And we’re confident that we can guard against.”  Then on Dec. 16th, with the “opposite” theory on full display, Obama spoke about about Russian interference in the presidential election: “This happened at the highest levels of the Russian government,” Obama said when asked whether Putin was personally involved in the hacks. He added that “not much happens in Russia without Vladimir Putin.” One issue had nothing to do with the other, but the deceitful nature of the ploy was obvious. The first was designed to justify Hillary’s inevitable victory, the second was to diminish the legitimacy of Trump’s shocking upset.

Then there’s the recount effort. After Hillary’s concession speech and Obama’s heartfelt promise for a smooth transition, Jill Stein suddenly appeared in the public spotlight with a well funded, 3 state recount effort- an effort much more well funded than her entire embarrassing, pathetic presidential campaign! Who started, funded and organized that fiasco, was it Hillary? I doubt it – according to reports, she was in an alcohol induced, depressed state since the results came in. Was it George Soros? Maybe, he’s been known to fund a counter insurgency or two, but we all know who holds the title when it comes to community organizing and the creation of a misdirected movement.


On some occasions, Obama actually gives away a secret or two, possibly for political effect or maybe just for comic relief – for example: The “shovel ready”  jobs program within his  $787 Billion stimulus plan. Back in Feb., 2009, NPR was happy to report on the almost $800 Billion stimulus plan that Obama was urging congress to pass at the time, after all it was high time for job creation, the oceans to recede and the planet to heal since G.W.  destroyed everything – and we all know that ‘more money’ is the solution to every problem, right? Feel free to read more about the optimistic predictions, herehttp://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=100295436




Fast forward to 2013, Forbes writes: I mean seriously? They insist that they’re going to boost the economy through infrastructure spending and even when they get the money infrastructure spending falls by by a third or more?


Boy, that was a Flim – Flam if I ever saw one! How did Obama borrow almost $800 Billion for infrastructure and then preside over a 35% drop in infrastructure spending? So where did all the money go? Heck if I know… http://www.forbes.com/sites/timworstall/2013/11/01/the-reason-that-shovel-ready-stimulus-didnt-work-is-that-there-wasnt-any-stimulus/#2f5ad7c93e5f

Obama never accounted for the $800 Billion, nor did he undertake any infrastructure projects worth noting. His response to the failed program: “Shovel ready was not as shovel ready as we expected – laughs.” – in essence, mocking the nation for believing his sales pitch or trusting that he was capable of handling the task.



I’d be remiss if I failed to mention the most memorable example of the “opposite” theory of all; “If you like your Doctor, you get to keep your Doctor, if you like your plan, you get to keep your plan.” Surely Obama had to know that nothing could be further from the truth when he took to the airwaves and repeatedly made that claim, the question is why. This is a topic for another discussion but nonetheless, it’s a glaring example of his ability to effortlessly deceive the American people for purposes of advancing his own agenda.


Jonathon Gruber, one of the architects of ObamaCare let the cat out of the bag when it came to the deception involved in getting the Affordable Care Act passed. He couldn’t help himself  when revealing the Obama administration’s tricks to get the law passed. Via The Washington Post: As of this weekend, there are now seven Gruber videos, in which he mocks the “stupidity” of American voters and boasts of the Obama administration’s ability to take advantage of it. 

“Democrats are desperately distancing themselves from Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber. He “never worked on our staff,” President Obama said this weekend in Brisbane, Australia, (even though Gruber was paid almost $400,000 by his administration, is the intellectual author of the individual mandate and met in the Oval Office with Obama and the head of the Congressional Budget Office to pore over the bill). “I don’t know who he is,” Nancy Pelosi declared on Capitol Hill (even though she repeatedly cited him by name during the Obamacare debate).” More here:     https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/marc-thiessen-thanks-to-jonathan-gruber-for-revealing-obamacare-deception/2014/11/17/356514b2-6e72-11e4-893f-86bd390a3340_story.html?utm_term=.fce7a42961cf



A great indicator of a coming whopper is the over-sell method.  Kinda goes like this: Hillary Clinton is the “most qualified person ever to run for president, more than me and even more than Bill,” “No one has been a better friend to Israel that my administration,” Or “Climate change is the biggest threat to our national security.” Look out for these types, they’re easy to spot and they occur often.


This is the easiest task of all, anyone can learn these simple guidelines. Obama is telling the truth when:

  • He’s talking about the virtues of Islam
  • He’s speaking out against police actions
  • He’s apologizing to other nations for America’s actions
  • He’s lecturing about the horrors of slavery (U.S. Only)
  • He refers to his pen and his phone
  • He says he’s going to play golf
  • He says he thinks he could have defeated Trump

You can learn to distinguish between his real passion and feigned passion, but it takes years of practice in the study of human behavior. Until then, you can rely on the simple chart above.  I believed Obama when he referred to the Muslim call to prayer as “one of the prettiest sounds on earth.”  I didn’t believe him when he promised a smooth transition to Trump and said “we are all rooting for his success.”

Here’s an example of Obama speaking with total conviction:


main photo credit: conservative101