“When you embark on a long journey, a one degree miscalculation can send you miles off of the proper course.” ~JA

No Country in modern times has come under more attack than Israel, including suicide bombings, knife attacks, exploding cars, buses and trucks, vehicular homicide, rock throwing, plain old fashioned rocket fire and lastly -coordinated political fire!

In a parting gift to Israel, Obama takes his last stab at relevance by blaming Netanyahu for failing to concede Israel’s sovereignty to terrorists and Jew haters. According to Fox News: In 2016 the U.N. General Assembly adopted 20 anti Israel resolutions, while only passing 4 for the rest of the entire world. I don’t believe there is a person on the planet who doesn’t think that the Obama administration is behind every one of those 20 resolutions.

John Kerry, speaking on behalf of Obama today warned Netanyahu that “Israel can either be a Jewish nation or a democratic nation, not both.” Really… Israel already is both! Let’s look at what happened when Israel conceded land to the Palestinians in 2005? According to forward.com:

The evacuation of Gaza’s Gush Katif settlement bloc was an emotional event for Israelis of all political stripes. The scenes of Jewish soldiers forcing Jewish civilians from their homes of 30 years will be forever seared into the Israeli cultural memory. For the nationalist right, however, the disengagement is not just a painful recollection, but also a historic lesson in the perils of Israeli territorial compromise, evidenced by Hamas’s takeover of the strip in 2007. 

This was Sharon’s idea of avoiding a two state solution. They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and in this case they are right. “The Jewish state gave up territory in a gesture of peace and got Hamas rockets in return. Even opposition leader Isaac Herzog of the centrist Zionist Union party called Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza a “mistake” in terms of its security implications, and said that it should have not been conducted unilaterally.”

So, what do some high profile Muslims in the Middle East think of Israel, and what would a 2 state solution yield?

Ayatollah:Palestinians and Muslims Can End Israel Within 25 Years

(CNSNews.com) – Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Wednesday accused the United States – the “great Satan” – and its “little demons” in the region of creating crises like those in Syria and Iraq, to divert attention away from the issue of “Palestine.”

Khamenei, echoing a statement made in a speech last year, also told a visiting Palestinian terrorist leader that if Muslims act, Israel will no longer exist in 25 years’ time.

Have you ever wondered why non Muslims are being slaughtered in the Mid East, and why Muslims refuse to assimilate when they enter Western countries? It’s because many of them are taught to conquer and convert other peoples – not to be converted by them or to assimilate to other cultures.

Pew Poll: 42% of Muslim Youth in France ALWAYS Support Suicide Bombing – Gateway Pundit: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2015/11/pew-poll-42-of-muslim-youth-in-france-always-support-suicide-bombing/

See Below: % of Muslims who support suicide bombings, this was 10 years ago, and ONLY in the U.S.





Trump sent a clear message to Netanyahu for the whole world to see, Hold on I’m on my way!

Is it just me, or does anyone else notice that Barack Obama is extremely friendly to those who accommodate Islam, and increasingly hostile to those who do not?

  • Friends list: Germany, Britain, France –  allowed unfettered Muslim immigration, and are now terrorism hot spots.
  • Enemies list: Israel, Russia, Syria, Libya –  fought and killed terrorists, trying to avoid being terrorism hot spots.

I’m just sayin’…