Trump reassures business leaders: “We’re here to help, just call” 

The greatest impediment to progress is a chain of bureaucratic road blocks, as Trump apparently is well aware. During his meeting with tech giants yesterday, a profound declaration was made by the President-elect when he said: “Anything we can do to help this go along, you’ll call my  people, you’ll call me, it doesn’t make any difference – we have no formal chain of command.” Imagine the progress  made when smart, proven leaders can unite with a smart, competent government to advance society.

The mission is to achieve results, not to justify ‘do nothing’ positions for people with fancy titles whose only job is to find a way to keep their job. Solutions to problems should be swift, logical and easily implemented, instead of bouncing around numerous committees in between the congressional recess schedule. In many cases, the easiest solution is the best solution.


No, Donald Trump does not have a degree in chemistry, but that didn’t seem to matter when he rebuilt the Wollman Skating Rink.  In 1980, the City of New York decided they would refurbish the iconic skating rink, only one problem – they couldn’t figure out how to make ice. $13 million and 6 years later, they announced that they needed to start all over again – all they needed was more money and another two years. This is a typical story when the government is involved in a project, nobody cares about time and money when neither is theirs to lose. Everybody in charge of that failed project got paid during those 6 years, despite the loss of $13 million and 6 years worth of time – regardless of the outcome.


After a protracted battle over giving the project to Trump, Mayor Koch reluctantly conceded. Trump assumed the responsibility and estimated a $3 million budget and 6 months for completion. Fast forward only 4 months, the job was complete and came in 25% under budget! So you see, winning the Republican primary this year was not the first time Donald Trump embarrassed a bus load of feckless politicians. A closer look at the above chemical structure of ice will give you an idea what the city’s politicians were referred to as when the rink was completed.

So what happened? Did Trump alter the chemical structure of ice? No, he made a phone call to someone in Canada, and found a person who builds ice rinks for a living. Wait… that’s allowed?  Instead of expensive copper tubing ( which could easily leak and was stolen from the work site on more than one occasion) and freon gas – rubber tubing filled with salt water was the proper and much less expensive way to proceed. Duh,.. right? How many bureaucracies were involved in those 6 years of money wasting that couldn’t figure out how to complete a simple project? NO accountability, no progress!

WATCH: Trump explains the complex solution


Not every problem can be as easily solved as the Wollman Rink, but there is not question about the implementation of common sense in tackling the issues we face going into 2017. Donald Trump’s open door policy, common sense and ability to listen are breeding optimism across the country, and in every demographic.

Photo credit: Bob Rozycki