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For those of you who are upset by the election results, go have a cocktail, and take a deep breath. Please understand that some of us have endured 8 years of spontaneous, projectile vomiting while living under this current administration, and it’s surrogates!

You were steeped in happiness and excitement when two great Americans lost to Barack Obama in ’08 and ’12, so let’s take a look at what your limitless, prescient brilliance has yielded.

The US is more divided by race, class and gender (of which, there are too many now to list) than ever, our once great healthcare system is collapsing under our noses, our national debt has increased by $10 TRILLION to a whopping $20 TRILLION- with absolutely nothing to show for it-our allies are angry with us, our enemies don’t fear us, the Mid East is in total chaos, Isis, the JV team, is now in 32 countries and threatening civilization. Iran, the largest state sponsor of terrorism is becoming a super power, Russia is threatening nuclear war, and the historic, beautiful cities of Europe which have become havens for rape and assault, now look like Third World War zones!

On the positive side, gays can legally be married, Christians can be put out of business for refusing to bake the wedding cake, Muslims are off limits to any criticism of their wonderful, timeless religion ( after all – “Muslim call prayer is one of the prettiest sounds on earth” -Barack H Obama ), illegal immigrants can get every available US benefit including the right to vote and to protest their “illegal” status, college students have safe zones to protect them from the 1st amendment, Halloween costumes and election results, and Jay Z, Beyonce, Lady GaGa and Al Sharpton are the public relations arm of the White House! We’ve got BLM- Black Lives matter, CAIR- Muslim
Lives matter, La Raza- Hispanic Lives matter, P Parenthood- No lives matter, ACLU- Illegal Alien Lives matter, and DOJ- Hillary’s Life matters! But don’t say ALL Lives matter, that’s racist.

Let me make sure I’ve got this right – You’re upset because the person who is under multiple criminal and ethical investigations, spent 8 years in the US Senate and only managed to name a post office and a highway, mishandled thousands of state secrets, misplaced $6 BILLION at the State Dept, let 4 Americans die in Benghazi while covering up a secret arms deal with the Libyans- then lied to Gold Star families and blamed it on an Internet video (“What difference at this point does it make”), sold access to the State Dept for contributions to a fake charity which has been used as a tax free slush fund, cheated in the primary election ( is superdelegates 1 word or 2? ) AND the debates, against the only person who SHOULD have been the democrat nominee -with the help of a compliant crooked media and the DNC chairperson (BOTH OF THEM)- and lied repeatedly to the media, congress, the FBI and the American people -DIDN’T WIN? Seriously?

My advice to you is to stop lashing out at Trump and his supporters, do a personal evaluation of your principles, thoughts, and ideals- and if that doesn’t work- it’s time to duck from the sniper fire and go renew your passport.

PS Why is your threatened destination always Canada, don’t like Mexicans?

Nov 10 2016