Temperament and Judgement

The same talking heads who went into cardiac arrest over Donald Trump’s temperament seem to be ecstatic about the idea of Mitt Romney as Secretary of State. Temperament was the buzz word. Hillary heard it, loved it, poll tested it and then made it cornerstone of her campaign. How can we trust a person with a questionable temperament they said, what if he talks to foreign leaders like this? You cant just attack people who disagree with you, it can start a nuclear war for heaven’s sake.

It’s obvious that the people who support Romney for Secretary of State are either ‘Never Trumpers’,  members of the liberal media, or the Democrat party (which can all be lumped into one group), this should worry Trump and his team. The democrat party has clearly demonstrated over the years, that they have no interest in in co- governance, they want power, control, influence and at the very least, a guy in the room, could that guy Mitt?

I’m perplexed, and frankly a little nervous as to why the media hasn’t gone into it’s usual republican attack mode when it comes to Romney. No mention of bankruptcies, buying companies just to fire all the workers, murdering the spouses of laid off workers and not even the obligatory – dog on the roof of the car – resurrection . Come on guys, bankruptcy is one of your favorites and you loved that dog story.

Why haven’t Mitt Romney’s outbursts, tweets, and vicious premeditated attacks on the leader of his own party been called into question as a temperament issue?  There certainly has been lots of coverage of the Romney attacks, but only because the media was experiencing their own temporary utopia – what’s better than watching a prominent member of the republican party attacking Trump so viciously? It was all hands on deck to report the attack, and then run a constant video loop of Romney trashing Donald Trump at the Hinckley Institute.

(video below)

I haven’t heard much comment about specifics, only that “he’s a statesman” (the inference of course, is that Trump is not) and that “he said Russia is our greatest geopolitical foe”,  but no deep, existential discussions on Romney’s view of the world, globalization, terrorism, etc… What kind of Secretary of State would Romney be?

Romney called Trump a “con man, and fake and a phony” and that he was “playing us for suckers.”

It would be interesting to see how as Secretary of State, Romney would square this circle and convince foreign leaders that the phony, fake conman he is representing back in the White House is not playing them for suckers. I’m not sure about that brand of temperament…

Romney said he could not vote for Trump: 

What if he is negotiating in a foreign country and  doesn’t agree with President Trump on an issue? Does he say, “you know, I don’t agree with Trump on this, I can’t support him, but Kasich and Sasse have really good ideas. Romney allegedly colluded with Kasich and Sasse to initiate a 3rd party run against Trump when he was the republican nominee, why is this any different?

Romney accused Trump of Bringing “trickle down racism”

How will Romney deal with those sentiments when he travels to Africa, China or Mexico?

Romney attempted to Help Trump lose the state of Utah: 

It was reported that Romney sold his email list to Evan McMullin in order to thwart a Trump victory in the state of Utah and possibly hand the election to Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump has been several moves ahead of everyone else this entire election cycle and he managed to emerge victorious. It’s hard to doubt Trump’s motives at this point in time, but is he really considering a man who said and did these things- for his Secretary of State- or is he just walking us all down memory lane to remind us why Romney is never going to get that job?


Magnanimity,… or the shun heard ’round the world?