Terry, it’s “phone a friend” not “write a friend” when using a lifeline

It has been widely reported that Terry McAuliffe (D) Governor of Virginia is writing the obituary for Hillary Clinton’s political career. Thanks for the heads up, but I have some thoughts of my own.
1. Hillary’s political career ended 16 years ago  when Al Gore lost the presidential election to George W. Bush in a bench clearing brawl involving chads, the hanging and dimpled kinds, the Fla. Secretary of State and with the Supreme Court as the home plate umpire! The  year 2000 is also the year her life  in the private sector, began. More on that later.

2. The year 2018 will probably be the year that McAuliffe writes his own political obituary. With the Clintons completely powerless (unless Chelsea finds her way into congress), there is no access to sell, no political fall back plan, no uranium mines to bestow on anyone and  no means to place ineffective, unqualified people into governor’s mansions, just for sh*ts and giggles.

Actually Terry didn’t “phone a friend”, (Donald Trump) he wrote a letter and that’s probably because he’s not the  President-Elect’s friend. I’ve also “known Donald Trump” for 25 years but that doesn’t make him my friend either. However, he did show up for a party I co hosted at my TriBeCa loft on Vestry St. in 1991 for a friend’s birthday party but left rather quickly, Robert DeNiro , the guy who wants to punch Trump in the face, on the other hand stayed for quite a while – maybe that’s what he was waiting there for. The check he wrote to you was no doubt, in my opinion,  because of your relationship with the then very powerful ex president, and the acting Secretary of State, those days are gone and times have changed.

Getting back to Hillary’s private sector career launch. An unknown, 1st year year U.S. senator smoked her in the 2008 Democrat primary , who with charm, eloquence, a shiny but vague plan to lower the sea levels and ambition to right the balance of civilization, swiped away what was rightly hers for all those years of being nothing more than a failed lawyer and a first lady of Arkansas and the United States. Oh she had accomplished so much on the Watergate commission and in the Rose law firm, how could she have not been crowned as the nominee? Oh darn, I almost forget her stellar tenure as a U.S. Senator from N.Y.  The only thing worth mentioning is that in no way, shape or form did she move to N.Y. and use this shoo in job as a launching pad for a White House run, because as we all know, Hillary Clinton had never had any ambitions of being POTUS, she just wanted to help the little folks… in Chappaqua, the 5th wealthiest community in the entire country

The consolation prize was the Secretary of State post which she certainly deserved – not really, but Obama wasn’t about ready to take on the Clintons when he needed their supporters to take on John McCain in the general election.  In her now position of power, Hillary learned how to sell government access for big money through “philanthropic” donations from questionable individuals and foreign governments to a charitable entity designed to enrich her and her husband. The Mid East oil tycoons, of course are famous for donating their money to help little children with AIDS in Haiti, everybody knows that!

The Clintons made it abundantly clear that they did not and would not take any salaries for all their charitable work as that would be unethical, but giving speeches at approximately $600,000.00 per hour was completely acceptable, after all you’ve got to put food on the table while sacrificing everything you have for the sake of others. In addition to the pittance they received for speeches, there was hotel accommodations, private jet access, lavish breakfasts, lunches and dinners, the best hotels in the world and God only knows what else- all TAX FREE! According to the Washington Times June 21, 2016, the Clinton Foundation has raised over $2 Billion since it’s inception, and  it has also been reported elsewhere that after all salaries and expenses, the Clintons gave approximately 6% of the total monies received to actual charitable causes … How nice of them – the other 94% of the money went to other stuff, really important stuff.

I believe the Clinton corporation is finally bankrupt, their only marketable product was government access which they sold through speeches and political power. The power supply has now been completely severed, and who on earth would pay good money to hear Hillary cough through a boring presentation, or watch Bill chew on his tongue while staring into the abyss of what used to be?

Two final questions:

1. What happens to the left over cash at the Clinton Foundation?

2. What happens if some donors ask for a refund for unfulfilled services?