ARCHIVE:  March 2, 2016


The GOP Playbook

It’s 1st and goal on 1 yard line, tie score, 1 minute to go and 2 time outs left for the GOP. Mitch McConnell calls in the play from the sidelines. The crowd cheers and anxiously anticipates the call… is it run… pass…? “PUNT”  he shouts from across the field, PUNT THE BALL!

Donald Trump has decisively won 11 of 15 state victories to date, has increased republican voter turnout, has rallied together groups of 10,000 – 32,000 screaming supporters and has become the clear GOP front runner for the GOP nomination.  Give the ball to Donald! Quarter back sneak! The GOP majority leader’s response, “We will drop him like a hot rock”.

The GOP establishment elites have their own agenda. Damn the voters, full speed ahead with a first term Senator who is still struggling with his own identity, has proven to be easily flustered when challenged on his vague positions, and has alienated half of the republican base with his relentless push for Amnesty for illegal aliens, and H1 B visas. Enter Marco Rubio, who has decisively LOST 14 of the first 15 state races, and is widely expected to lose his home state of Florida by a wide margin to Donald Trump. The Marco push comes on the heels of a ‘totally expected’ devastating performance by Jeb Bush, the establishment’s first choice to lead their party to their third consecutive presidential election defeat. Unable to comprehend what was obvious to the other 95% of us, it’s no surprise that they have now put all of their eggs in the Marco Rubio basket in their undaunted quest to lose another presidential election.

One thing is abundantly clear, the republican voters are united on one specific front, they do not want a candidate who has anything at all to do with the GOP establishment and they certainly do not want what they are selling. Donald Trump along with Ted Cruz and Ben Carson, the ANTI establishment candidates, are garnering a majority of the republican voter support and that hasn’t changed since the sound of the gun approximately 8 months ago.

To break it down further, Ted Cruz got 7.5% of the moderates in VA. and only 17% of the entire vote there, in MA., another coveted state in the general election, he got a paltry 10% of the entire vote. Cruz’s wins in OK, AK, and the IA caucus are not quite the launching pad needed to win a general election, and in my opinion his glaringly evident polarity makes him unelectable. Ben Carson, adored by just about every person in the country, just doesn’t have the political DNA to win elections, but would most likely be the single best candidate to head our dept. of Health and Human Services. As far as Donald Trump goes, with decisive wins in NV, NH, SC, AL, AR, GA, MA, AL, TN, VT, and VA he is the clear front runner. Also notable is his ability to bring record numbers of voters to his rallies AND to the voting booths; those include democrats, independents, women, educated, non-educated, military, first responders, and minorities.

The GOP establishment needs to do some soul searching and decide if they want to just dawdle along to their third consecutive failed White House bid, or if they want to expand the big tent and actually WIN a general election. Mitch, don’t punt…..GIVE DONALD THE BALL!

Joe Aliotta