On March 18, 2016  I penned a little piece called Dear Donald, Ted and Bernie, mostly for entertainment purposes but also to warn Trump and Sanders of the challenges they faced as outsiders in extremely exclusive clubs. Donald Trump miraculously broke through the GOP establishment’s ‘red wall’ to become the nominee of the party but it was through sheer capitulation on the part of the establishment republicans, not by means of a welcoming committee or a sudden epiphany.

* Updated comments to follow along with some contemporary advice for the DNC.


Donald, you are not going to be the GOP nominee. My advice to you is to start your independent bid for the White House, and quickly. There is no way the establishment is going to let you in their secret he-man woman hater’s club, learn their secrets, or cut off their blood (money) supply. Remember the movie Caddyshack? Judge Smails, Club president played by Ted Knight is jealous of Ty Webb, played by Chevy Chase, because of his success with the ladies and his golf-playing skills. Not only is Smails portrayed as being jealous and greedy, he also cheats at golf and he refuses to honor the bet that he had with Czervik after losing.” {Hint: GOP Pledge}.

Smails, or Mitch McConnell for the purpose of this analogy, was never threatened by or gave too much thought to Webb, who had been nothing more than a quiet dues paying member of the club until he had to face him head to head in the final golf tournament. One can easily equate you to Webb, and Mitch McConnell to Smails in this setting but I’m torn between linking you to Ty Webb in this comparison, or Czervik, the brash, bombastic real estate developer and newest member of Bushwood Country Club played by Rodney Dangerfield. According to tvonline.com,

Al Czervik – is as crude and obnoxious as he is rich. He represents the idea of “new money”. However, he is more generous than the jealous judge. But Czervik doesn’t get off very easy, either. His character is portrayed as a greedy builder who cares nothing about the environment. In fact, the reason the gopher is terrorizing the golf course on which the movie is set is because he was driven away from his home due to Czervik’s condo-building project just a short distance away.” I can’t help but chuckle, sorry.

Stay with me here. In another scene, Czervik nearly crashes his 50 foot yacht into Smails newly acquired 28 foot sail boat during its christening ceremony. If that wasn’t bad enough, Czervik then drops his anchor right through the hull of the sail boat, much like your landslide victory in the Florida GOP primary. Czervik comes out on top in the end but unfortunately that was only a movie, you might want to start on plan B ASAP.

Ted, you seem to be enjoying all the attacks on Donald Trump and even participating in some. The protesting, the charges of fascism, racism and bigotry and general disapproval seem to be music to your ears as you desperately try to catch up in delegates and state victories. We’ve all heard you say how you’ve beaten Donald Trump over and over again but nobody is buying it, except maybe Mark Levin and Glenn Beck, so stop it.

You’ve won mostly small, insignificant caucuses which will not make a dent in a general election against the democrat machine, coupled with the media barrage that awaits you. You also have no path to victory in the GOP primary, and if you did the establishment would never have you as their nominee. Sorry, but you’re not allowed in the secret club either.

If you think the attacks are strong now, you have no idea how they would come after you if you were the front runner. You are now heading into a tsunami of Trump victories in states like NY, NJ, AZ, PA, CA, etc., so my advice to you is simple…knock off the rhetoric, make peace with Donald Trump and hopefully the two of you can join forces and run a successful anti-establishment campaign with Donald on the top of the ticket and with you as his V.P. I believe it will be a winning ticket, but I don’t believe you can do it on your own.

Bernie, if you think for one second that Hillary, Bill, Barack, Biden, Wasserman Schultz and the rest of the establishment democrat party will ever let you be their nominee, you should saddle up your unicorn, head to the nearest free college campus and sign up for single payer healthcare 101. In addition, your chances of becoming Hillary’s V.P. are slightly lower than winning the Powerball sweepstakes, 3 times in a row.


So what has changed? After winning the nomination and the general election, some things have changed and some have not. Although most in the GOP have accepted Trump as their nominee, the leader of their party and Commander in Chief, the residual damage they helped to foment is not only still alive but stronger than ever in the DNC, the mainstream media and the ‘People Magazine’ demographic. The GOP did everything possible to sabotage Trump’s candidacy from the beginning and according to some credible rumors about the recent intelligence leaks, some still are.

Ted Cruz’s only chance was to align with Trump, an opportunity he squandered toward the end of his campaign and right through the GOP convention. Ted Cruz has come around since the election and now fully embraces the Trump administration, the cabinet nominees chosen by President-elect Trump, and the GOP platform going forward.

Bernie Sanders, well… we all know Bernie ran a brilliant campaign and quite possibly could have defeated his GOP opponent in the general election but the Clinton machine (er, former Clinton machine), which included the DNC, the mainstream media and all the relevant ‘super’ delegates, would stop at nothing to coronate Hillary Clinton and/or to avoid having an outsider expose the corruption within the DNC – the thought of a populist handing over the party back to the people it was supposed to be representing in the first place was a also too frightening to conceive.

Ironically, cheating Sanders out of the nomination may have ultimately resulted in cheating themselves, they foisted a weak candidate for the wrong reasons and in the end suffered the consequences by losing all possible political power. The fault lies not with Russia, Wikileaks, the FBI or climate change, it lies solely on a corrupt political party which made all the wrong decisions.

Here’s some contemporary advice.

Dear DNC:

Keep doing what you’re doing and the GOP will have a 60 + seat majority in 2018.

On November 6, 2018 with 33 of the 100 seats in the Senate being contested in regular elections whose winners will serve six-year terms from January 3, 2019 until January 3, 2025. Currently, Democrats are expected to have 23 seats up for election, additionally 2 independents who caucus with the Democrats are facing the end of their current term. link

With current loss tallies at 958 State legislature seats, 10 Senate seats and 63 House seats in only the last 8 years, things are looking mighty bleak for your party’s future. I see your dilemma going forward; go along with Trump, finally, and he gets the credit anyway – or –  fight him all the way and look like bitter obstructionists. It’s a lose-lose situation and one that must be approached with a ” how can we limit our losses” attitude.

It’s too late to become effective and relevant, your cities are in a shambles and the country has voted your party out of virtually all political power. You can’t double down on full blown socialism, Bernie did that (successfully, I might add) but you threw him and his supporters under the proverbial bus and stopped that movement in its tracks.

My advice to you is to clean house, rid your party of all the fringe members and apologize to all of your constituents in a sincere contrite way – you’ve failed them.  You will still suffer significant losses in 2018 but at least you can begin the rebuilding process. Get over the shock, the broken hearts and the whining – go along with the Trump administration on issues that are practical and stop trying to govern on emotions, feelings or a corrupt ideology. America is just not that into you right now…

Remind yourselves of a few things:

  • The teacher’s unions are there for educating our children in the best way possible, not for political contributions, social/political indoctrination or for protecting ineffective, dues paying members. The goal is to educate children, not keep them from having better options.
  • Healthcare should be provided by experts in the field, not by government bureaucracies who know nothing about medicine or the administration thereof.
  • Competition breeds excellence and affordability.
  • Encouraging single parent households by providing social and financial benefits for such, breeds more single parent households.
  • FREE stuff is not really FREE when someone else has to pay for it
  • Equal Opportunity and Equal Outcome are in no way synonymous, nor should they be regarded as such
  • Accountability is a virtue that all leaders should demonstrate
  • The military is about strength, readiness, competence, efficacy and killing enemies – little else
  • Isolating and/or polarizing certain classes or groups of people creates animosity, envy and infighting
  • The earth’s climate has been changing for 4.5 Billion years – it’s not going to stop now, nor can human consumption or lack thereof alter it’s pattern, one way or the other.
  • The immigrants of the late 19th and early 20th centuries were not the same as today’s, nor were the economic or social conditions of the United States anywhere similar to what they are today.

One final thought~

“The greatest advances of civilization, whether in architecture or painting, in science and literature, in industry or agriculture, have never come from centralized government.” ~ Milton Friedman


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