Looks like CNN’s Fareed Zakaria either didn’t get the “fake news” memo, or simply just cannot control himself.

Zakaria, to his credit,  starts out with some actual facts about Johnson and Roosevelt and the coalitions they had built, he also correctly credits Barack Obama for his charisma. He then properly notes that the Democrat party has suffered a “series or defeats at the state and national levels, putting them in the worst position they have been in since the 1920s, okay makes sense, I’m still listening.

Moving along, Zakaria then proceeds to itemize the “changes’ we have faced in recent years that may or may not have affected Obama’s tenure as president. The first three changes he mentions are – political, economic and technological shifts which no one can dispute have been around since fire and the wheel were invents, but then he slowly and quietly moves his arm in a casual fashion and in the palm of his hand appears a card – an average looking card, blank on one side and marked only with four distinct, faded letters on the other – R A C E. 

Holding back any visible emotion after mentioning the “cultural” aspect of the changing headwinds,  Zakaria proceeds; “And in some parts of the country, there has been a backlash to that change, and to an African American President!” Backlash of course, is a more subtle way of saying “whitelash” – a word his CNN colleague Van Jones most likely regrets blurting out on election night like a person suffering from Tourette Syndrome.

Since all previous presidents and leaders of all types have had to deal with the first three changes over the years, it simply has the be the fourth, the “cultural” change. Racist white Americans must responsible for the first African American President’s lack of success, after all it couldn’t possibly be the failed policies Obama has implemented with his pen, his phone, his Czars and his democrat majorities in the House and Senate.

Zakaria continued. ” It remains UNCLEAR whether the country was ready for Obama’s victory.” Unclear, really? Obama had decisive victories in 2008 and 2012, both times against white men in a mostly white country despite his being the first half white presidential nominee and in no way being qualified to lead the largest economy and military in the history of mankind.

Zakaria goes on to tout the Affordable Care Act as a major achievement of Obama, regardless of success or failure. I guess the record high premiums and deductibles coupled with the lack of people choosing to get insured (despite the despotic threat of fines and/or imprisonment)  and profuse bleeding of capital from insurance companies are irrelevant topic in this segment. He then said bla bla bla “grace and good humor” and concluded with , Obama’s administration “was largely scandal-free, and he did it all the while under a microscope, because he looked different.”

I don’t think any rational person believes that Obama operated under a microscope as President of the United States because he “looked different.” Maybe it was his lack of transparency on many issues including the IRS targeting of conservative groups, the Pigford scandal, the green energy push(Solyndra scandal), his questionable alliances with with characters like Al Sharpton, Bill Ayres and the Reverend Wright,  the cover up of the “fast and furious” program, his appointment of unelected Czars and/or the Trillions of tax payer dollars wasted and/or unaccounted for that required a closer look – or could it have been the misleading information that flowed frequently out of the White House?:

  1. “If you like your doctor, you get to keep your doctor”
  2. “If you like your plan, you get to keep your plan”
  3.  It was an “internet video” that caused the Benghazi attack
  4. “I heard about Hillary’s private email on the news when you did”
  5. “no boots on the ground”
  6. “War in Iraq has ended”
  7. “Al Qaeda is on the run”
  8. “Hillary is the most qualified candidate, ever”

I believe these are some of the reasons that closer scrutiny of the Obama administration might have been warranted. The country that elected him didn’t care one bit about how different he looks. Fareed, Zakaria is entitled to his own personal opinions and feelings, but CNN viewers are entitled to accurate reporting.

*Refer to my Dec 7th piece entitled THE AUDACITY OF NOPE for further contrast.


Story and Video Via Breitbart News