FLASHBACK to a piece I wrote back in March, 2016, ironically it’s still relevant. 

I have shocking news for the media, the pundits and the average folks out there who have unsolicited, strategical pearls of wisdom to offer up to the political alter of the GOP front runner. He needs your advice like he needs another blue suit. Mr. Trump, aside from demonstrating his own proven knowledge of business, economics, common sense and most recently politics, is also being advised by people like Roger Stone who according to his website, has played a key role in the election of Republican presidents from Richard Nixon to Ronald Reagan to George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush. In addition to Mr. Stone, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee, Senator Jeff Sessions, Chris Christie and most recently Dr. Ben Carson have been said to be contributing a tip or two.

Follow me here, the person who is clearly in the lead is the one who everybody thinks ‘needs’ advice, and it’s often from the folks who have lost elections in the past, and even some who have lost to Trump himself. They say “tone it down’, “you can’t say that”, “you’re too brash”, basically they want him to act more like John McCain or Mitt Romney, and we all know how that turned out – Hello Pres. Obama … TWICE!

They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over, seeking a different result and herein lies the rub. There seems to be a huge disconnect between the American people and the elites in the media and Washington DC. The American people don’t want well behaved liars who are adept at creating false narratives – who can turn a simple debate into 9 months of political grand standing [just watch the Flint Mi. hearings], we want our problems solved quickly and logically. Donald Trump has a common sense approach to our problems and people find it refreshing, in fact it’s gotten so bad that people had almost forgotten that common sense could still exist before Trump hit the main stage.

Ask yourself, how long have politicians been telling us that our southern border would be secured? You name it, and it comes through our border – Illegal immigrants from all over S. America, the Middle East, & Africa, various other types of fire arms, drugs and a plethora of diseases. Has the border been secured after decades of promises from all the non-bombastic, non-brash, politically correct, polished politicians? NO, in fact it’s gotten even more porous, more dangerous and more of a national security threat.

How did we let ISIS start, grow so powerful and even expand its influence into the United States? Obama, who some say helped create ISIS, famously dismissed them as a junior varsity (JV) terror group in their embryonic stage and we all know how prescient that was. It took several years of mind boggling murder and rape of Christians for Congress and Obama to finally accuse the terror group of genocide, what took so long?

Why are our political leaders so behind the 8 ball, and so incompetent? Easy, they are all too focused on their own personal interests, political aspirations, and retirement goals. Donald Trump is already famous, successful, rich and proven- he does not need an agenda, nor does he need to be accepted in anyone’s secret club, and that’s what makes him dangerous to these political animals.

No, Donald Trump does not need your advice, or your acceptance or your money, he only asks for one thing, YOUR VOTE. He’ll do the rest.


Joe Aliotta  3/16/16