Blue Wall Breached

*UPDATED: 1/24/2017 Union leaders emphatically back President Trump’s agenda

WATCH at 1:30 mark

Blue Wall Breached – What’s next?

The Hillary Clinton campaign calls time out with the Trump campaign on their own 5 yard line, its late in the 4th quarter, they’re enjoying a 6 point lead and there are only 30 seconds left on the clock. Unfortunately, the refs neither heard the call, nor blew the whistle. As Hillary’s team is casually walking over to the bench to discuss a ‘prevent defense’ strategy for the final play of the game, Kellyanne Conway snaps the ball to Steve Bannon who quietly hands it off to Donald Trump. Donald Trump then proceeds to walk through the bewildered defense and commence a rapid sprint into the end zone for 6 points.

With the game all tied up and no time left on the clock- out comes the kicker to consummate the touchdown with the ensuing ‘extra point’ attempt. As the offensive line sets up in unison, the long snapper glances over to the holder and flashes a brief wink and a smile. Facing a 35 mph head wind, Reince Priebus wets his index finger and holds it up into the wind to determine its current pattern, takes a firm confident look at the uprights and sets up for the snap. You can hear a pin drop as the deafening silence is felt throughout the stadium and in every household across America as they await the snap. The ball is snapped -the holder sets – and up goes the oblong, inflated object into a 35 mph crosswind – THE KICK IS GOOD! GAME IS OVER.

It was hard enough to believe that Pennsylvania could be breached by a republican, but Wisconsin… Huh? Then Michigan… no way right? How did this happen when the media spent 16 months dutifully warning us all that Donald Trump was a joke, a con man, and a fraud? Could it be that they also told us that Donald Trump was a racist, a misogynist, a xenophobe, an Islamophobe, a homophobe, a sexist, an anti Semite, and a bully also? I’m surprised cyclist, botanist, cellist and a scientist weren’t accidentally thrown into the mix. Here’s a tip for the attack dogs out there -IT HAS TO MAKE SENSE. If you want someone to dislike Tom Brady, you don’t tell them he’s a lousy quarterback who can’t win a football game, try to make up something more believable. Moving along…

What if this is just the beginning of misery for the democrat party? Within those big states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are things called big cities- like Detroit, Philadelphia and Green Bay, and in those big cities are things called people- like workers, students and parents. Most politicians are very familiar with the geographic locations but fall way short when it comes to knowing the folks who live, work and raise families in these locations, except of course when election season comes around. Election Day is the political version of Valentine’s Day for those seeking election, or reelection for that matter, and the only time you’ll see flowers, chocolates and pajama grams flowing like the mighty Mississipp – except they are not flowers, chocolates and pajama grams – they’re bouquets of minimum wage increases, boxes of tax cuts and big, fluffy empty promises.

So, what’s next?

For the GOP: Will the Trump administration actually start solving the problems that have plagued the inner-cities for half a decade, will it bring industry back to Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan, solve the crime problem in cities like Chicago, create an environment which breeds good jobs that pay a living wage, repair the turmoil in the Mid East and North Korea, and stop radical terrorist mentalities that have stricken the U.S. and Europe? If so, Donald Trump will truly have changed the electoral map for a long time to come. If not, a new leader will emerge in 2020.

For the DNC: Will the DNC acknowledge their massive loss in electoral votes, and more importantly their massive loss of the confidence and trust that was placed in them for so many years by their constituents, or will they proceed in denial by thinking they just didn’t shout their ideas loud enough? The biggest mistake the democrats made, in my humble opinion, was by not remembering in their lust and zeal to capture every fringe demographic across America, they forgot the group they ignored most, and that group just so happens to be 70% of the population. What they also failed to realize is that members of all races, religions and creeds in America want the same exact thing – freedom, safety and economic opportunity for their families.

I will be following both sides and commenting on progress, or lack thereof in the coming months

Nov 29, 2016