Who does this guy think he is, talking directly to the American people and avoiding the prestigious members of the press? What will they say at the next cocktail party when Hillary’s NYC mayoral campaign is all they’ll have to gossip about?


While many U.S. Universities are training young, unobtrusive males to abandon their testosterone, Donald Trump is spreading the man juice across the nation like a crop duster, leaving the press and the democrats in a foggy state of dismay and confusion. Don’t be surprised if you see any of them wearing one of those gas masks to fight off the manhood fumes when Trump is in town.

The only ‘other’ alpha male they know is Vladimir Putin, a man whom they all fear and revile so their innate aversion to Donald Trump is completely understandable. In their limited cerebral capacity, they can only equate Trump with Putin and therefore it must be a bad thing also – that’s where the intellectual curiosity ends. They neither know nor understand either of the two men and it scares them.

To quote Bob Dylan: The times they are a changin”


What’s wrong with bringing our jobs back, balancing skewed trade agreements, harvesting our energy resources and saying it all out loud without the filter of a press secretary or some unaccountable conduit? I personally think that we have gotten so used to being tricked, manipulated and lied to that we don’t even recognize the truth anymore. It seems as if citizens of this country are rooting for the down sizing of America as a necessary means to build up ‘other’ nations, how can a nation survive with its own people thinking this way?

I understand how the success of the NY Yankees has brought upon them a palpable wave of hate from the fans of “every other team,” but you’d never see members of the Yankee franchise share the disdain of those other fans, never mind act out on it publicly. ‘Self hatred’ is w whole other topic to be discussed at a later date.


If you own a television you have probably noticed that many TV commercials portray men as complete dolts who can’t even open a jar without the help of their strong, independent capable wives. Same goes for Disney movie characters, the boys are oafs and the girls are ninjas with PHDs –  thanks to a wave of  young willing male actors, the trend is alive and well on the big screen also. Why all the coordinated effort to destroy manhood? Also a whole other topic to be discussed another time.

Watch the video below and then we’ll look further into the gender conundrum.


You might assume that the recent beard trend is a resurgence of masculinity in our society, but you’d be wrong. There’s a reason for everything and in this case I have a theory that’s really quite simple to understand, all you have to do is try to think like a modern day social justice warrior (SJW). Many of the males who now wear beards wear to remind themselves and their peers that they are the sperm donors and not the child bearers – the man bun accordingly, is to indicate that they are still cognizant of the fact that they are womanly in ways other than child bearing.

According to the ‘SJWs’, who just so happen to have a stranglehold on all levels of education, there is no longer a difference between the male and female species. Think I’m kidding? Here’s what’s happening in Sweden:

“We don’t say, ‘Come on boys, let’s go and play football,’ because there might be girls who want to play football,” says Frida Wikström, the schools’ coordinator. “We say ‘friends’ instead because it puts yourself on an equal level.”

The children can use whatever language they like but if one of them says something like: “You can’t play that, it’s a boys’ game,” the teachers use open questions to discuss why the child feels like that. They use “hen” as a gender neutral alternative to he or she because they feel that it discourages stereotyping. You read that right, a “gender neutral alternative.”  


Thank God it’s happening in Sweden and not here in the U.S., right? …Wrong again!

A school district in Nebraska recently came under fire when media reports surfaced that stated that the district banned the use of the words “boys” and “girls” and required teachers to call children “purple penguins” instead.  Yup “purple penguins.”

This may be the result of growing support for research indicating that negative effects are caused by enforcing fixed notions of what it means to be a boy or a girl, and that these effects may be especially harmful when experienced in a learning environment.1 As a result, school administrators across America have begun to develop policies addressing gender neutrality with an eye to providing a learning environment that is safe and inclusive for every child in their care.

NASHVILLE — Gender-neutral pronouns like ze and xyr have pulled the University of Tennessee into the national spotlight and the cross hairs of legislators, but the school is far from a radical outlier.


The University of Wisconsin – Madison is the latest organization to try and restructure what God created, evolution perfected and Darwin confirmed by offering a 6 week class the evils of testosterone with topics like: vulnerability, alcohol, hook-up culture  and violence, to name a few.  Good news is that it’s not only offered to men, you can also be a member of the “men-identified” species to partake of the lobotomizing. TIP: If you’re chick and you want to sign up, just dress accordingly and be sure to belch or pass gas while doing so to eliminate any potential doubt. According to College Fix:

‘The Goal is to create a sense of security in vulnerability …’ 

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is currently taking applications for its “Men’s Project,” a six-week program that aims to counter the alleged harmful effects of society’s masculinity paradigms and pressures and empower participants to promote “gender equity.”

Don’t forget my aforementioned tip…

It’s open only to “men-identified students” at the public university and “operates on a transformative model of social justice allyship,”


Hillary Clinton lost the election, your political correctness and gender neutrality mentor is exiting the White House in less than two weeks and Donald Trump is not interested in playing along with your little games and charades. There are bigger issues to address than deciding which gender a person feels comfortable wearing or which bathroom they should use.

With men like General Flynn and General ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis in Trump’s cabinet and a strong conservative majority in congress, there will be a drastic reversal of societal norms – be ready for it. Enemies of America should also take note, the party is over.

The video below is a clip from a speech made by Vladimir Putin this past Christmas, I’m not saying that you should love or agree with every word he says, but I think it’s worth listening to for perspective.



There are in fact,  some distinct similarities between Putin and Trump when it comes to preserving the cultures of their respective countries in an effort to ensure their survival. We all have roles to fill as citizens and more basically as human beings, time to stop the micro managing everybody’s “feelings” and think about what kind of world our children and grandchildren will be subjected to.


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